No Winner Determined For The Bahamas Games


The 6th Bahamas Games took place in the capital from July 7th – July 15th in celebration of the country’s 50th anniversary of independence. Athletes from around the country competing in various sporting events. However at the end of the games there was no overall winner announced.

Bahamas Games Deputy Chairman Romell Knowles explained the rationale for this decision. He said, “we wanted to recognize the accomplishment of all our participants. It means that we will not announce an overall winner of these games.”

According to Knowles it was never intended for their to be an overall winner. “And if you go to an overall medal count by sheer population New Providence and Grand Bahama would be a top on the medal count. That’s not to diminish the magnificent contribution from the athletes from Grand Bahama who won ninety plus gold medals or New Providence for that matter but really the essence of the Bahamas Games is one of inclusiveness and their accomplishments, celebrating the accomplishments of all of our islands, all of our athletes.”

The Bahamas Games returned to the national calendar after twenty years.