Becoming Women’s Empowerment Summit Success

Phyllis Garraway, Flaunt it Fashion Show host, with models at Becoming Women's Empowerment Summit

When Anita Rolle faced one of the toughest battles in her life, breast cancer, she refused to let it get her down. What could have been a hard road with aggressive cancer treatment and recovery turned into a powerful testimony as Anita kicked her positive mental attitude into high gear. 

Anita declared: “Cancer is just a chapter in my life and not the whole story!”

With that perspective, she was able to defeat it and bounce back with renewed vigor not just to live her best life, but to help other women live theirs as well. 

“Twelve years ago,” she said, “My life changed as I knew it.”

“I was thrown the biggest curveball imagined, with no warning or coping manual.”

Anita had a mammogram done and the results came back positive. She underwent a lumpectomy, six rounds of chemotherapy with port placement, and six weeks of radiation. 

“Throughout my treatment, my family, close friends and coworkers were a constant support,” she said.

“But it was an extremely difficult time for my two kids, Ashley and Ashton, who were afraid as everything they heard affiliated with cancer was negative or the end result was death. I am grateful for my parents, grandmother, aunt and their dad who were there to stand in the gap during my absence.” 

Anita’s family support and faith in God pulled her through, and it inspired her to create a special event that would reach out to as many women as possible, motivating them to overcome tough obstacles in life like she did.

That is how “Becoming” Women’s Empowerment Summit was born. It was held on Sunday, September 24, 2023 at the National Training Agency, and it received rave reviews. 

The event was hosted by Kendinique Campbell-Moss and featured a slate of empowerment speakers including Simone Bowe, Duquessa Dean, Marisa Mason-Smith, Dr. Niambi Campbell-Dean, Cherylee Pinder, Chelsea Johnson, Alicia Rolle and Denise Major. Each speaker shared their joys and triumphs in life and engaged with the scores of women that attended the empowerment summit.

Patrice Murrell sang her ballad “Ok” that brought tears as she let women know that no matter what they go though, “It’s gonna be ok”. Praise and worship was led by Staffandra, and Dorrica Lubin and the Jam Session Band lit up the place. The event ended with a fashion show hosted by Phyllis Garraway, which showcased clothing from Flaunt It clothing store. 

Part proceeds went to Jennie Dean Caring and Sharing Cancer Support Group. To those who may currently be battling cancer, Anota reminds them that “cancer is a word – not a sentence.

“Cancer is not a death sentence,” she said,

“It’s just one word in your sentence. One part of your life. You are not defined by what you are going through or by what you have gone through. Cancer will never have you. You are much more than your disease. Twelve years later, I am now more empowered than ever – determined to live a purposeful life!”

Source: Felicity Darville

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the Ladies of One Family Junkanoo Group at Becoming Women’s Empowerment Summit

a Becoming attendee poses with speaker Marisa Mason-Smith after her powerful address on women and their finances

Dr. Niambi Hall Campbell Cean and Dr. Nikechia Hall-Dennis

founder of Becoming Women’s Empowerment Summit, Anita Rolle

Kendinique Campbell-Moss, host of Becoming Women’s Empowerment Summit