The Bahamas National Youth Choir recently traveled to New York City where they performed in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of independence.

Choir Director Dexter Fernander gave details of the group’s trip. He said, “every year we do something different. This year we thought about doing some more training in the international travel. We went to New York and we participated in the Alvin Ailey extension that’s more of a class training. And so we went with Professor Camaro and he taught us West African dancing.”

Fernander says the choir also participated in the lighting of the Empire State Building in Bahamian colours. “Everyone knows about the lighting of the Empire State Building. We also by the extension of one of our alumni, Robert Pinder, was able to have a presentation at the observance. So we were able to bring some Bahamian culture them. We also were at Riverside where there was an exchange with the Royal Bahamas Police Force, a junkanoo group and the choir.”

The Bahamas National Youth Choir celebrates its 40th anniversary in October with an event called ‘A Night Underneath The Stars’.