The Chief Executive Officer of Bahamas Power and Light appeared at a press briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister on Thursday where he spoke to the power generation issues being experienced by the company.

Shevonn Cambridge said, “our forecast were indicating that we were gonna see about a 265 megawatt peak this year.  So far this year in New Providence we’ve already peaked at 278 megawatts and our peak months are actually August and September so we anticipate going well above 280 at this point.”

Cambridge also spoke to the efforts made by BPL to provide relief to consumers.  He said, “through the hedging program the decision was made to fix the fuel charge at a certain price and that price was held throughout the COVID and Dorian and all the rest of that relief which result in a bit of an under recovery.  When that was initially put in place, I think that policy statement that I saw was that it would have been reviewed within a year but things changed drastically very quickly and so for economic reasons that decisions were made to hold the price at 10 1/2 cents to provide the relieve to consumers during that period.”

Last year, the government announced an increase in the fuel charge levied by BPL by 2 cents per kilowatt hour which took effect November 2022.