BTC Appoints Shantell Cox-Hutchinson as DTO


Written By Indera Collie

BTC announced that it has appointed Shantell Cox-Hutchinson to the position of Director of Technology Operations. Shantell is the first woman to lead this function and brings almost two decades of vast experience in the fields of technology, innovation and finance. In the role of DTO, Shantell will have end to end accountability for the company’s mobile, fixed, and subsea networks for residential, business and government clients nationwide. The role encompasses network build, planning and engineering, innovation, field operations, service delivery, network core operations, proactive maintenance and support.

BTC’s CEO, Andre Foster noted that he is excited about this new appointment stating, “As a progressive company this is just another indicator that we’re elevating, not just our products and services, but our people. BTC seeks to provide the best talent with a seat
at the table. In the last 17 years, Shantell has been an outstanding team player and has demonstrated a high level of commitment, professionalism and an acute ability to execute, especially under pressure. While we’ve had female directors as part of our Senior Leadership Team, with responsibility for certain aspects of technology and innovation, this is the first time, we will have a female at the helm, leading this entire portfolio and I couldn’t be more proud. BTC’s main focus is to “fiberize” The Bahamas, one community at a time in support of the country’s national development agenda.

Shantell is uniquely positioned to support our aggressive strategy, having had the experience in our IT Operations, Finance and Service Delivery teams.” She has made huge strides in the Technology & Information space and brings a different perspective to the role of DTO. She began as a Senior Associate in IT and has worked her way up the ranks, serving as Manager of Billing Support, Manager of Systems Administration and Senior Manager of IT Application Support. In the last year, Shantell served an Executive Senior Manager for Business to Consumer Technology Operations, and previously reported to Foster in his role as Chief Operating Officer.

Accepting the mantle, Shantell noted, “I’m ready for the challenge. Last year, learning to adjust and be flexible during the pandemic, we’ve seen tremendous growth and a renewed sense of purpose within the team. The end result is that thousands more customers in many islands are benefitting from our elevated broadband experience. I’m particularly proud of the work that we’ve done to restore our networks in Grand Bahama and Abaco. I am very grateful for the opportunity to lead such a great team of qualified and competent team members throughout the length and breadth of this country.”

Shantell is a breast cancer survivor, and a strong advocate for breast cancer support. She is a member and spokesperson for the Sister/Sister Breast Cancer Support Group. She has spoken at a number of BTC internal events, sharing her story and encouraging
everyone to have annual mammograms. She also serves as a mentor at the Elizabeth Estates Home for Children and is the proud mother of one son, Ethan. Shantell holds a Graduate Certificate in Financial Analysis, a Masters of Business Administration, and a Masters of Network and Communications Management with a specialization in Security and e-Business. Her appointment as DTO, took effect on August 1, 2021.