BTC First to Introduce Gig Fiber Connectivity

Sameer Bhatti, BTC Chief Executive Officer

Just when you thought internet speeds couldn’t get any faster, BTC is announcing that it has recently completed its 1Gig testing and will release those speeds to customers as early as April. And if that’s not awesome enough, BTC will be the first fiber provider to offer symmetrical speeds.

BTC CEO, Sameer Bhatti commented, “Our customers are always top of mind, and I’m proud of the work that our teams are doing to ensure that we meet their expectations. The BTC “InKnowVation” labs have been working around the clock, on some impressive ways to enhance the every-day customer experience. We are rolling out two major initiatives, the introduction of 1gig speeds, and symmetrical speeds. Our introduction of 1 gig fiber connectivity and symmetrical speeds will be a game changer in our local telecoms market, and especially for our residential customers. The end goal is to deliver a differentiated and reliable product experience.”

For four consecutive years, BTC has doubled customers’ broadband speeds with no added costs. BTC currently provides up to 650mbps of speed, and in just a few weeks, will introduce 1Gig as a premium offer for customers. Our technical teams have tested the service, and the service is ready to go to market.

Sameer continued, “In addition to super-fast download speeds, we are introducing symmetrical speeds, where customers will experience the same upload speeds as download speeds. So, if you’re getting 1gig in download speeds, you will also receive 1gig in upload speeds, a complete revolution for customers. Having the ability to upload files in the same way they are downloaded is next level. By introducing symmetrical speeds, we are stimulating growth within the orange economy. This is a content creator’s dream.”

BTC’s primary goal is to expand its fiber reach throughout the country. Already more than 70% of New Providence has been fiberized, and the company is well on the way to completing its fiber rollout in Grand Bahama. This will allow the company to finally eliminate its copper network and provide a seamless experience for all customers using its fiber-fast technology. In the last two weeks, the company completed upgrades in the Stapledon and Millennium Gardens communities, delivering unmatched speeds and value for customers. This past weekend scores of customers in those communities were able to sign up and have their services installed within the same day of sign up.