Cannabis Update


The Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs gave an update on the proposed cannabis legislation while presenting his contribution to the 2023/24 budget debate in the senate.

According to Sen. Hon. Ryan Pinder the suite of legislation “have been drafted, vetted and ready for release. The website has been put in placed its just offline with all of the legislation so the Bahamian public will be able to have ease of access and we will hold public consultation and education events in the public and then meet separately with the different constituents that have an opinion on the issue, good or bad. We deal with every element of what the industry we look to be from the growing to the production to the dispensary to the research to the production to nurseries straight across the board.”

Pinder said, “the major impetus of this compendium of legislation is the findings of the Caribbean Community secretariat and its 2018 report on marijuana that was titled Waiting To Exhale: Safeguarding Our Future From Responsible Socio Legal Policy Of Marijuana. And that was a CARICOM sponsored study. The report investigated and discussed the history of cannabis as well as new scientific evidence which challenged past prejudices against marijuana. In its conclusion the secretariat recommended sweeping legislative reform throughout the entire commonwealth Caribbean.”

The public consultation process is expected to begin after the independence holiday.