Members of the Bahamas CARIFTA 2023 team worshipped together on Sunday on the grounds of the Thomas A. Robinson Stadium.

On hand at the service was Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, the Hon. Mario Bowleg who spoke about the importance of the event. “It’s very important, you know if we don’t put God first then everything else will fall away. So we wanted to make sure that we came to praise and worship together as unit, also get the blessing of the Lord so that when we entered inside this competition starting on Saturday that we remain healthy and we do the best we can that’s all we can ask for. And you know that the Lord has already blessed these athletes with the skills and talents that they gat and so we just want him to put his blessing on us so that we can go out there and do the best we can,” Bowleg said.

Head Coach John Ingraham noted, “its very important to give God thanks and give him praise. So we want to come together as one, you know we want the holy spirit come down and bless us as we go forward this week no harm, no injuries. So we just want to come out here and impress the Bahamian people, impress ourselves and impress God.”

There are eighty members of the Bahamas CARIFTA team. The games are set to take place in the capital this weekend beginning with opening ceremonies on Friday April 7th.