Catholic Board of Education plans to expand resources for students


Apart from transforming operations at its eight schools in the country into blended campuses, the Catholic Board of Education is also pressing forward with several capital projects.

Director of the board Claudette Rolle says two of its learning centers destroyed by recent hurricanes are set for major works this year.

“We started with the first phase of our school in Abaco and so we really have to continue to complete that so that we would be able to accommodate more students when we reopen again.

“The school is open, but when we go into that phase two period in September of this year, we also have the special needs school every child counts.

“And we are continuing to develop that two because that’s Abaco, and that too was destroyed by hurricane” she said.

The director also shared plans for the mainland and it’s schools in the north.

“When we talk about New Providence and Grand Bahama, we are looking to expand the resources in technology, because we realize that virtual learning here to stay.

“But in order for us to be able to execute virtual learning in an exemplary fashion, it require a lot of resources.

“And so our plans really is for us to increase the technical, the infrastructure. We need laptops, we need cameras, we need speakers, we need, there is just so much that you need for a virtual program to work well” she said.