Christ Church Cathedral celebrates World Down Syndrome Day


Congregants of Christ Church Cathedral are hoping to create more awareness of down syndrome this World Down Syndrome Day, and highlight that although somewhat different, those with the genetic disorder have a place in society.

Sunday, Church goers coordinated in their colorful socks for rock your socks campaign, organized by church member Tiffany Hall-Sweeting.

The day is commemorated annually on March 21st.

Governor General his Excellency the Most Hon. Cornelius A. Smith attended the service.

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder caused when cell division creates an extra full copy or partial copy of chromosome 21, leading to developmental issues and changes in physical features of those born with it.

Hall-Sweeting appeals to members of the public to learn more about the genetic disorder and those who have the disorder.

“I just encourage persons to educate themselves about down syndrome and what causes down syndrome.

“There are so many persons, they see these beautiful people and they don’t know anything about it and a lot of time they laugh at these persons.

“Because these persons are so beautiful, because they are so unique and that’s what the socks depict as well; in wearing pour colorful socks we remember that we are not only beautiful, but we are unique beings. 

Aside from rocking their bold socks, Hall-Sweetings says the congregation was asked to donate five dollars that would be handed over to the local down syndrome organization.

She says the congregation wanted to support the cause.

“We felt it necessary to participate because there are so many persons out there in need and the world down syndrome like any other organization is in need.

“We have a local organization here in the Bahamas they have a school for children and adults, and we felt it was necessary to give back to that organization to help them to give back to the community.”