BAIC kicks off week of 40th anniversary celebrations

BAIC's Chairman Bishop Gregory Collie

The Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation is celebrating 40 years of operations.

On Sunday the organization kicked off its week of activities with a church service for members and according to chairman, Bishop Gregory Collie, BAIC continues to evolve, servicing SME’s, particularly those in growing industry of sponging.

“Sponging has been revitalized, in Andros, Long Island, Eleuthera, Abaco as well.

“So nationwide when the fisherman are on their off season, they have the opportunity there now to participate in sponging, which through the corporation, with the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources and the IDB, we’ve been making tremendous strides.”

The chairman says as the facility is slated for expansion in the coming months, the goal remains on bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and experts to spur new business opportunities.

“People are processing fruits, they are making jams, they are making marmalade, they are making all sorts of things that have come out of the training at BAIC and the awareness of what is available, and how they can, those people who are retiring, we had special seminars for them, so that as they retire they can find a business for themselves and they can create and continue to generate income for them” he said.