The Prime Minister delivered the keynote address at the opening ceremony for the Climate Finance of the Americas meeting being held at the Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island this week.

The Hon. Philip Davis, who is known for this advocacy of climate action and finance reform, told those gathered, “we’re here to build solutions in climate finance and sustainable development at a time when such solutions can no longer be postponed. In order to survive the changing climate we need to cooperate, we need to coordinate and we need to collaborate. Climate finance and sustainable development are paired together because without the first you cannot have the second.”

The Prime Minister also offered ways to create a path to resilience and survival. He said, “we build climate finance solution that free up resources in this new era of extreme weather. We work to overhaul multi-lateral institutions so that they can de-risk and incentivize new ventures and partnerships, and unleash funding at the scale needed for robust action and investment. We fight to make sure industrialized countries keep their promises both old and new.”

Davis end his remarks by saying, “let’s make the next few days count.”