The government of The Bahamas announced its commitment to send 150 officers to Haiti in August. Subsequent to this announcement Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis explained that the country was awaiting a United Nations decision on the matter.

When asked about the readiness of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force for potential deployment to the embattled country Commodore Dr. Raymond King said, “as an organization we continue to prepare, we continue to plan. The honourable Minister and I we would have attended a recent Latin America and Caribbean conference in Argentina. It sought to create a framework for the hemisphere in terms of country’s seeking to participate in any peacekeeping operations. But I’ll allow the government, in particular the honourable Minister of National Security to speak politically. But when the appropriate time comes then I’ll speak with more specificity in terms of any composition cause everything will be driven by a United National Security Council mandate. That will determine that composition of the force and with the government deciding specifically which role any of our marines will participate in.”

The United Nations Security Council is expected to vote on the matter on Monday.