The Minister of Economic Affairs spoke to allegations of corruption levied against the government regarding the renting of accommodations for the Consumer Protection Commission.

Sen. Hon. Michael Halkitis said, “we decided that they should have their own space. Consumer protection is a priority of this government we wanted them to be in a stand alone building by themselves. Labour needed their space for the Ministry of Labour so we identified space, it went through all of the protocols in the Ministry of Public Service, it fits within all of the norms in terms of the price we pay inclusive of CAM charges and retrofitting. All of that conforms with the policy of the Ministry of Public Service. There is nothing untoward. What we have is a disgruntled individual who has decided that he would make certain allegations. Boards, committees, ministries, departments do not decide where they want to go.”

The Minister did not disclose the amount the government is being to rent the building.