The Executive Chairman of the Disaster Reconstruction Authority gave an update on the construction of the Abaco Shelter and Community Center which was scheduled to be complete in summer of this year.

Alex Storr said, “we have a contractor who is in place. He is working, but we came across some issues with the foundation. Those have been resolved but will cause some delays but we hope to have it finished before the end of the year.”

Storr also previewed some of the amenities the building will have. “The shelter will have full kitchen. It has cots and living areas for persons. It will have an emergency management situation room with all the latest electronics. It’ll also be disabled friendly. That’s one of the things we had to change in the design because when we came in the design wasn’t disabled friendly we realized with the way the country’s going and trying to encompass everybody we had to change that design and that aspect,” he said.

Storr did not indicate the cost of the shelter but says that it is the first of many planned shelters to be built throughout the country. He also said the that contract signing process for home repairs is underway.