Minister of Economic Affairs, Sen. Hon. Michael Halkitis addressed a training forum being held for the price control and consumer affairs inspectorate.

Halkitis spoke to members of the media at the event outlining the status of amendments to the Consumer Protection Act which he announced while addressing attendees. He said, “it’s still in draft form. We’re in the process of now approving not necessarily only increases in fines but just being able to have more services covered and give people an opportunity to ensure that, you know, when they’re spending their money, you know, they’re not defrauded or they’re not given substandard service and have no avenue other than, for example, going to court to be able to have their grievances heard. But just basically, you know, improving the options and broadening the options for consumers who feel that their being disadvantaged to be able to complain.”

The minister also said that over the course of the training forum officials would be able to gather information from those on the ground on how enforcement mechanisms and collaboration with the business community can be improved.