COVID-19 Still Lingering


Although the number of COVID-19 positive cases has decreased, the disease still lingers. In the quest for normalcy and an acceptance that COVID may be with us well into the future, ways are being devised to hold public events while being ever mindful of the disease. As Bahamians prepare to attend events in memoriam of those lost in Hurricane Dorian, Ministry of Health and Wellness officials intend to release a tight scrutiny of public events.

Minister of Health and Wellness, the Hon. Dr. Michael Darville said, “as it stands right now the EOC leads the charge to determine which events should happen and which events should not happen. We are becoming mindful that we are going to release that, where people will make the conscientious decisions and do things in an orderly fashion and a fashion that we believe is safe. But we expect those who are planning the events and those who attend the events to act responsible and to ensure that you try your endeavour best to stay healthy. And if you so have symptoms, our free testing center is available and to do the necessary protocols to eliminate or prevent the possibility of additional clusters of spread.”

The local vaccination rate is not where officials wish for it to be, Minister Darville said, “with the addition of the pediatric population, we used to speak of a percentage of about 53% but if you increase the denominator it actually reduce. And so, we are very concerned and pleading throughout the country for Bahamians to come in, particularly those who have not gotten their first or second dose to become vaccinated. Because the more people are vaccinated the more possibility of us looking very seriously at the mask mandate in order for us to do a better job.”

The Minister says that moving forward there will be an increase in public relations efforts to increase the number of persons presenting for vaccination.