National Examination Results Released


National examination results have improved in spite of COVID 19 restrictions. The Ministry of Education and Technical and Vocational Training released the results which are up by some 14.2% with one thousand students achieving a C or above in five our more subjects. Ministry officials shared the results saying that while there is a ways to go they are satisfied with the progress made.

Director of Education, Marcellus Taylor said, “positively, when compared with last year, there was a significant percentage increase in the total number of grades awarded at A to D and a decrease in grades awarded E thru U.”

In analyzing the national examination results, officials discovered that of the 17,546 grades awarded, 1,361 of those who took the Bahamas Junior Certificate [BJC] examination received a grade of C or above in five or more subjects, which represents a 16.92% increase. Director Taylor said, “this represents 14.2% of the overall candidates and a 16 almost 17% increase when compared with last year. There were 1,164 candidates in 2021 who received a grade of C or higher.”

There were 4,906 candidates in the country that completed the Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education [BGCSE] of that number 1,849 candidates received C or above in five or more subjects. On this Director Taylor stated, “there are significant increases at A to C and in fact the 10.38% of grades A which were awarded this year is the highest that has been awarded since 2018.”

According to the released results in those taking the BGCSE 52.6% of grade are in the A to C range. Also females, once again. performed better than their male counterparts.

The Minister of Education and Technical and Vocational Training, the Hon. Glenys Hanna Martin said that her ministry is optimizing alternatives for students who may not be academically inclined. She went further stating, “we’re trying to engage students to be more inquisitive so its less fact memorization and more inquiry, critical thinking, so that stimulus takes place in schools. Because it will help us analyze what are the barriers, what are the challenges, where are the issues with our young people and how to create modalities to allow them to reach the pinnacle of learning. And that is the work we now have underway.”

Schools reopen on August 29th.