Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Investment and Aviation, the Hon. Chester Cooper informed members of the media that demolition of the Grand Bahama Airport is set to begin.

Cooper said, “we are about to begin demolition, that process is imminent. At the moment there are very complexed agreements that’s currently being prepared. The lawyers are working diligently. As you would imagine there is a foreign lender. There is a foreign airport concessionaire. The airport managers, there are local groups. There’s a consortium of five entities and therefore there are a lot of legal agreement to be completed.”

The Minister says that he plans to meet with consultants on May 23rd. “The process is that we went to DMOU, we’re now completing the full set of legal agreements and designs. We’re going to being the demolition work shortly. Renovations of the air traffic control tower is going to begin first and then we’ll go into full scale construction. Sufficed to say the deadline of 2025 is still in play that is a hard deadline all of the party’s involved acknowledge and are committed to this deadline,” Cooper said.