Disturbing Weather System Under Watch


A disturbing weather system in the tropics is being monitored by meteorologists.

Bahamians are being told to prepare for more rain due to the system. Chief Meteorologist Basil Dean said, “this is the time of year where we have a number of systems that generate our rainfall for us namely your tropical systems, tropical waves, tropical cyclones and also the upper level trough.”

Parts of the country mainly in the northwest and southeast have been experiencing heavy rainfall resulting in flooded streets hindering traffic. Last week Exuma residents experiences devastating flood waters that submerged vehicles, flooded homes and businesses.

Dean says, “you can anticipate more rounds of clouds and thunderstorms, some of which will be heavy at times. And so we advise residents to take the necessary precaution particularly when there is lightning storms we want you to stay indoors until they die down. If you live in flood prone areas you are to take the necessary steps to protect your property.”

The 2023 hurricane season began on June 1st and will end on November 30th.