Here’s To Our Gents Luncheon


The Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas (BCB) held a luncheon on Friday in honour of men and fathers under the theme, ‘Let’s Celebrate Our Men’. The event was hosted by motivational speaker and talk show host Spence Finlayson.

Finlayson spoke of the importance of fathers. He said, “fathers play such an integral role in the development of their children who eventually become staff members and even managers at this great corporation.”

Greetings and remarks were delivered by President of the Bahamas Communications and Public Managers Union Kendrick Knowles and President of the BCB Retirement Association Charles Russell who both spoke of their experiences with their fathers.

Knowles recounted how he tried to save his father’s life with mouth to mouth resuscitation. He said, “and when the ambulance arrived I kind of felt, yes, cause I didn’t think I was doing it too right. But they came and they said your father is gone. So what it felt like for the man who gave you life, for you to try to give him breath. And he went on and while I was sad, I was thankful because my dad was a good dad.”

For his part Russell said, “I just want to join you in celebrating all the male of this great institution and particularly those who are fathers.”

Recent retirees Julian Reid, Cyndy Smith and Rodney Davis were also recognized on the occasion. Reid said, “I’ve really enjoyed working here at the Broadcasting Corporation. I think one of the biggest gifts is being able to see every island in this country. And actually really being able to impact people’s lives and you’ll be surprised to know how much you really do when you work for ZNS. As far as retirement is concerned, I’m one of those people who will never retire so you’ll find me doing something else.”

Radiologist Dr. Amarest Hombal made a presentation on men’s health and ways to stay healthy.