Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Investments and Aviation, the Hon. Chester Cooper traveled to Atlanta where he appeared on television to promote tourism.

Director General of Tourism Latia Duncombe, who accompanied the minister on the trip,  spoke with ZNS about the trip which is part of the ministry’s global sales mission initiative.  She said, “we are so excited at the close of our global sales missions.  This represents the fifteenth city that we’ve visited on our tour.  Here in Atlanta, Georgia is a very important state for us.  We have an office here in Atlanta, the film industry in Georgia is very strong, the African American community is strong as well.  From the meetings, incentives, conferences, events.  The groups space that business is really strong here in Atlanta.  Its also the home for Delta and so Delta’s main office is here.  This mission I will say its probably the most successful of them all. We’ve been oversubscribed, more than 300 persons we are expecting to come to our events. We’re also seeing when we look at our industry partners, we have eighteen industry partners that are here. It’s the entire tourism industry that is actively participating in these missions to ensure that visitors continue to come to our shores.”

The ministry will host an awards ceremony where Will Packard will be honoured. “Will and his wife have always been friends for many, many, many years.  He is a well known producer.  He’s been in The Bahamas.  He enjoys The Bahamas.  We interact with him on a regular basis and we are also expecting to continue to grow our tourism industry through meaningful partnerships that we have with Will,” Duncombe said.