The Executive Chairman of the Disaster Reconstruction Authority (DRA) is ruling out the use of domes as temporary housing.

Alex Storr told ZNS News, “we found that there were issues with the installation, a lot of them have mold and other problems.  As well as when we went to the warehouses in Grand Bahama and where they were stored in Abaco we realized that there were no instructions for the installation as well as missing parts. So we were unable to fully assemble a dome that caused us to reevaluate their use and purpose and we decided that its best not to use them for human habitation.”

Storr says that the Authority has considered selling the domes for other purposes. “It was determined, I think it was $1,000 that we would sell each dome for, but we don’t want them used for human habitation, like I said.  But there are purposes like, for instance, persons have asked to use them for agriculture and farming purposes such as chicken coops and other storage.  And so we’re inclined to approve things like that.”

The DRA Chairman also spoke about ongoing police investigations and the Authority.  He said, “I will say this, there are persons out there that know that they still have donated supplies, equipment etc. that belong to the DRA and by greater extent the people of The Bahamas, I ask that you take this opportunity contact me, contact the DRA office with Abaco, Nassau, Grand Bahama and arrange to have those items returned.”