DRA Assess Septic Tanks On Sweeting’s Cay


Officials of the Disaster Reconstruction Authority (DRA) traveled to Sweeting’s Cay on Monday where they assessed a completed project to provide residents on the island with septic tanks.

On hand as DRA Chairman Alex Storr who explained the need for the project, “we had residents that were rebuilding had received help from NGOs to rebuild but weren’t able to get electricity supply because they couldn’t get an occupancy certificate because of lack of proper septic systems that were damaged after the storm. We had to first research the type of systems that were available and that could work. Some of the residents have already had their electricity connected because they have now received occupancy certificates.”

Storr further explained some of the obstacles that had to be overcome to get the project off the ground and completed. “First it was sourcing the number of septic tanks needed. We were able to work with a local supplier who helped us. Then was selecting a contractor and the difficulty in that was actually getting supplies on the island,” he said.

According to the DRA Chairman the work of the Authority is ongoing. He says as they are notified of the needs of people they will seek to help.