A man was shot and killed on Dunmore Street over the weekend while in a dispute with a neighbour.

Police Press Liaision Officer, Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings was on the scene and provided details of the incident. She said, “the information suggest thus far that two males, both of whom are residents of this community, both of whom are neighbours, got into a verbal altercation which escalated resulting a 31 year old male being shot.”

Also on the scene was Chief Superintendent Antonio Munroe of the Southern Division who said, “we believe that the family members may be aware of where this suspect may go. So we are in communication with them and were gonna try to find a way to bring some resolve without any further issues regarding this matter.”

Skippings emphasized the importance of conflict resolution saying, “the first thing is to be able to get them to come into the station, let’s sit down and talk. The thing is to be able to build that trust with them so they understand that we’re seriously concerned about them and their issues and then provide them with the skills, like I said, working with the various agencies. We cannot work in isolation, the police department, all hands, like they say, have to be on deck.”