The Ministry for Grand Bahama’s Beautiful Grand Bahama program is receiving high praise from an East Grand Bahama resident.

Calvin Stewart told ZNS News, “I’ve noticed since I’ve been up here for a little while and I’ve really noticed the significant difference the program has made. The amount of people who visit up here and come to the park here especially and come and use the beach here is significantly different here probably in the last six month to a year. We see group after group now who just come down and visit the beach. Between the big chair and how clean everything is here and how nice it is. I go out and ask them how they hear about us, why are they here and I talk to people from Germany, I talk to people for the States, I talk to people from all over and their finding out what’s going on here which is nice. It really helps here so thank you.

In response Minister For Grand Bahama, the Hon. Ginger Moxey said, “its the program where we wanted to provide opportunities for our own people who had been struggling since Dorian, who didn’t have jobs but they were the people who selected the programs and projects that we instituted here. And so we’re so excited that it not only brought back these beautiful sites that East Grand Bahama has but it impacted their lives and it also has created this new touristic experience that you have more visitors coming to participate in. And its not just during Coconut Fest time and other events time but their coming here much more often, much more frequent so I’m very, very excited.”