Eleuthera Water Issues Addressed


Residents on the island of Eleuthera have been without consistent water supply for about seven days. Officials of the Water and Sewerage Corporation traveled to the island to address the problem.

Acting General Manager of the Water and Sewerage Corporation, Robert Deal outlined what has been done to bring relief to Eleutherans. “We have moved a portable desalination plant into position and we’re working to get that, hopefully, connected and electrified in very short order to improve the production capacity at this facility. Right now the production capacity is around 450 to 500 thousand gallons per day but that’s also the system demand. And so, what it means is that every drop of water we currently produce is being used by the system. We have to get the production capacity above that so that we would have spare capacity to build storage but also to be able to take off some of the existing desalination trains, as we call them, take them offline one by one to also carry out required maintenance works.”

Member of Parliament for Central and South Eleuthera, the Hon. Clay Sweeting was present. He said, “I have full confidence in the Minister, I have full confidence in the Board that they’re gonna do what they need to do, hell or high water, to make sure that the people in this constituency and the people in Eleuthera have potable water that’s necessary for old women, old men, mothers with children, schools, businesses to ensure that as Eleuthera takes this boom that we’re about to take, that they have the water to supply the needs.”