Pothole Patching


Officials of the Ministry of Public Works and Utilities gave an update on the status of road repairs at a press conference held this week.

Bahiyyah Hepburn, an engineer at the ministry spoke to the repair of potholes in the capital. “We’ve literally patched, over the passed five months, almost two thousand locations, like actual holes.”

Hepburn went further explaining the issue that the Ministry has encountered. “The current issue that we’re having now is actually from like months and months of increased rains. The rains in May, earlier this year when it inundated a lot of the island, the affects the base especially when its standing for more than 24 hours and it in turn because it weakens the undercarriage, the base, it causes issues with the top because again if asphalt is a fabric, if the base underneath the fabric is compromised then its easier for potholes to form. And that’s why pothole patching is actually still just a stop gap measure.”

Senior Engineer, Francis Clarke announced that the Ministry will undertake an aggressive road paving program for 2023-2024 which includes over fifty roads.

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