Environmental assessment underway for Prospect Ridge development for young professionals


Officials are looking to ensure the environment remains untouched in that new western New Providence community, to do so, it’s issued a request for proposal or RFP for the completion of an environmental impact assessment along with an environmental management plan on the 83 acres in Prospect Ridge that’s been earmarked for young professionals.

The EIA and EMP are to ensure there is a considered level of protection for the environment and to contribute to the integration of environmental considerations throughout both the planning and development.

Viana Gardiner, Chair of the Committee for the Development of Communities for Young Professionals says it’s also to make certain there’s strict compliance with the environmental planning and protection act.

The committee has already met with all government regulatory agencies involved in the initial stages of the development.

If you’re interested in securing an RFP, you can do so from the government’s e-procurement and supplier registry portal. Proposals are to be submitted to tendersboard@bahamas.gov.bs no later than May 28th.