Deputy Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for Exuma and Ragged Island, the Hon. Chester Cooper attended the Goombay Summer Festival held in Exuma over the weekend.

Visitors and residents gathered at the Fish Fry to participate in the fun which included performances by Bahamian artists, fire dancers and Goombay dancers.

Cooper, who also serves the Minister of Tourism, Investments and Aviation spoke on the sidelines of the festivities saying, “this is what was envisioned. I am excited because its an opportunity to really showcase our talent, our food, our music and our people. I understand we’re bringing back the original Goombay dancers, so I’m excited about that as well.”

The Minister also spoke to the impact of event. “Whilst I am the Minister responsible for tourism and I know this is good for tourism. We’re celebrating our 50th anniversary as an independent country, our golden jubilee so its important that we display our Bahamian pride. So Goombay is for tourist yes, but its also for us as Bahamians to enjoy, to deepen, to strengthen our cultural identity and really to share with all of the artists and artisans, all of the vendors everything that they have to offer in a very authentic environment.”

Goombay Summer themed events were also held in New Providence and Cat Island over the weekend.

(BIS Photos/Kemuel Stubbs)