Christina Basden, 87, was taken to hospital after police barged into her home with guns drawn last week.

Basden’s daughter Jane Basden provided details of the ordeal saying it happened during a visit from a family friend. She said, “whilst he was outside conversating with us he said let me come into the house and give you a hug, because these are children who my mom and dad brought up. All of a sudden we hear ram, ram, ram, eight to six policemen burst into the house guns drawn, grabbed Wallie under his arms and tried to pull him out.”

She further detailed that while the police removed the family friend from the house her mother fell and her sister yelled for help. Christina Basden was then taken to hospital via ambulance.

The 87 year old says that after the ordeal she cannot sleep. “Every time I go to sleep I can see the guns pointing towards the young man and it does get me nervous cause I does have a nervous problem anyhow,” she said.

The Basdens are calling for an investigation into the incident and say they plan to take legal action against the Police Force.