The Member of Parliament for North Andros and the Berry Islands, the Hon. Leonardo Lightbourne has donated fly fishing equipment to students of the Bahamas Agricultural and Marine Sciences Institute [BAMSI] taking part in the National Flats Fishing Guide Certification Course.

Lightbourne told ZNS News, “we presented seven kids who are a part of the program, a few more were not present, but we brought over about fifteen fly fishing kits. Those in value a little over $10,000.”

Graduate from the program, Allancia Gaitor spoke to its merit saying, “because fly fishing has been around so long and a lot of person’s do not know about fly fishing, the industry has been aging. A lot of the fly fishermen or the guides, they have aged, a lot of persons have died and now we need our young persons to come on board and try to take over the industry or try to join the industry so that we can keep it running. It has been a very lucrative industry but persons haven’t taken advantage of it.”