The Chairman of the Gaming Board spoke on the issue of gambling addiction and abuse while on the sidelines of the Caribbean Regulators Forum and Gaming Show being held here in the country.

Dr. Danny Johnson said, “it goes into people’s homes, it can come up on kids phones, it is everywhere. And so we have to be honest about it and fair with the industry. And that’s where conversation and collaboration need to begin because you have to have compromise sewn with that too. You can’t be everywhere all the time and the responsible part of it is we have to also plan to give back to these communities where some of these things are happening. So there’s a good side a bad side you have to level it out. Our job as the regular is to make sure that the pluses are much more than the negative aspects.”

Johnson went further outlining the measures by which abuse is found. “We have a hotline. We’ve engaged the psychiatrist at Sandilands Rehabilitation Center (SRC). We have an addiction based program built into our legislative framework and the programs that are local and international gaming institutions use is a red flags phenomenon if people are acting irresponsibly. You’re family can report someone. Some people report themselves as having a problem. People get into severe gaming issues and lose more than they can and that is reported they’re red flagged and those people can be banned for life.”