The Minister of the Labour and Immigration is defending the unemployment rate after comments made by Governor of the Central Bank John Rolle. Rolle is quoted in the media to have said unemployment in The Bahamas is projected to be higher than pre COVID-19. He also admitted that there are no recent statistics.

Speaking to reporters outside of Cabinet the Hon. Keith Bell said, “I’m not sure where he’s getting his information from but it would appear to me that the economy is opened, persons are working in significant numbers, I know Bahamians who have two and three jobs. But again, we cannot say these things unless we are supported by scientific, comprehensive reproach, it is subjective.”

Bell went further on the present unemployment rate saying, “I wouldn’t necessarily say its lower but I know it cannot, certainly, be higher. Because the economy has opened and we have one thing that is high on this government’s agenda is job creation. And I think you can look all around the country and you can see the economy has opened, jobs are available in every sector particularly in the construction industry.”