The Chief Executive Officer of the Grand Bahamas Shipyard David Skentelbery is excited about the planned expansion of the shipyard at an estimated cost of $600 million.

Skentelbery told ZNS News, “two principle cruise line shareholders raised the investment to invest in two new floating docks for Grand Bahama Shipyard. The biggest of these docks will take the world’s largest cruise ships so it’s a significant investment.”

The Chief Executive Officer continued saying, “now is not an appropriate time to quantify the number of jobs, we’ve just gotten the investment. The first thing we need to do, of course, is attract back all the customers we’ve lost due to the lost of the two docks. The company has a lot of work to do in order to attract that business back.”

Skentelbury also said that new docks will be larger that the previous docks and that dredging will be necessary.