Grand Bahama resident Sharell Lockhart is speaking out about her experience with the health care system. She is calling for the improvement of the digital communication of patient’s information.

Lockhart attended a physician in February and returned in July to discover her paperwork was not ready. She told ZNS News, “there was absolutely no paperwork available for me. We have the best doctors and nurses but we suffer from not having the resources necessary to get this information out in time. And for the information of patients to be carried across the system in a seamless way so that no matter if I go to the clinic at Pearce Plaza or at Eight Mile Rock they would have my files, they would know what’s going on with me.”

Ms. Lockhart called on the Minister of Health and Wellness to change the system saying restructuring has to come from the top.

The Hon. Michael Darville responded to the concerns of Ms. Lockhart saying, “I like to, first of all, apologize to Ms. Lockhart for the challenges we currently are experiencing. This administration is committed for the implementation of an e-clinic record throughout the primary health care system as well as the tertiary and to be able to integrate it all. So whether or not I’m in Freeport or I’m in Inagua I can access my medical record through a digital platform. That is where we’re heading. We have made some substantial steps to accomplish it and I believe with this kind of digital platform in place we could eliminate these kind of challenges that we have by physically moving patients notes from point A to point B.”

Lockhart is suffering from cervical dysplasia. She underwent a biopsy and is awaiting the results.