The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) is continuing its demolition exercises on the island of Grand Bahama. The latest dilapidated structures to be torn down were in the International Bazaar location.

GBPA Assistant City Manager Renardo Karageorgion was on hand as demolitions were carried out. He said, “this first initial part of the exercise, the China Temple Building, is going to take one week for the demolition, then we’re going to take a three week period in order to remove all of the associated debris.”

When asked about the Torii Gate Karageorgion said, “we’ve been sensitive to that matter all the way through but the President of the Bazaar Owners Association said to us ‘you know it no longer serves its purpose as an iconic centerpiece to this now defunct area.’ So based on his request we’re going to be taking it down and we know that there are feelings on both sides but at the end of the day they’ve asked us to take it down and we will take it down.”

The City Manager also spoke to the GBPA’s commitment to removing buildings that are in a dilapidated state saying, “you can see it in our efforts over the past several years, we’re continuing to do these demolition exercises and the Port Authority is very committed to removing dilapidated and ruinous structures but at the same time we need the assistance of property owners and all of the residents of the city of Freeport to maintain their properties and work hand and hand with us.”