Officials of the Grand Bahama Power Company are speaking out to address concerns from residents of the island on the frequent loss of power.

Grand Bahama Power Company Director of Communications, Cleopatra Russell says, “we know that in the past few weeks that have been some issues at our energy plant and that has created some inconveniences for our customers. We want to first of all apologize for that.”

Russell explained that there is a process when engines fail. She said, “they’re not small little car engines. It takes the time for us to allow the engine time for it to cool down, for us to have access to the apparatuses, for us to be able to assess what’s going on and then begin the remediation process. So while two hours we know is an inconvenience for customers, its the time that we need to adequately be able to assess and at times remediate.”

The power company says they continue to work to improve reliability.