GBPC’s Peel Street Plant restoration vital to improving service reliability


The Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) extends its apologies to customers across Grand Bahama for recent unplanned electricity outages.

“Interruptions in electricity service are a significant inconvenience to our customers, and the frequency with which they have occurred in recent weeks is not in keeping with our usual standard of service,” said Nikita Mullings, GBPC’s Chief Operating Officer. “Our customers expect – and deserve – better from us, and we are working hard to resolve the issues that are at the root of recent outages.”

The Company advised that recent outages are due to the fact that its generation capacity is well below the level normally available at this time of year. “Back in September 2019, Hurricane Dorian caused catastrophic flood damage to GBPC’s Peel Street Plant which, prior to the storm, provided more than 60 per cent of the Island’s electricity,” Ms. Mullings continued. “Over the past eighteen months, the utility’s West Sunrise Plant has carried the Island’s load with help from supplemental temporary generation units. Because they are serving the whole of the Island’s demand with no back-up from PSP, the six engines at WSP require a bit more maintenance and are thus more prone to faults.”

Restoration of the three generating units at the Peel Street Plant is progressing despite the added challenges of COVID-19 restrictions. GBPC is also sourcing additional temporary generation units to support the energy needs of the Island on an interim basis.

“Until such time as we have additional temporary generation and the units at Peel Street are back in service, we will continue to be at risk of generation shortfalls resulting in potential service outages,” added Ms. Mullings. “We will recover and, as we progress, we’ll keep our customers updated.”