Giving the Gift of Waste Management & More

For more than a decade, Bahamas Waste and its staff have partnered to provide support to the All Saints Camp providing year-round waste management services, and also made a donation of grocery supplies as part of its end-of-year support program. Pictured L-R are Christopher Johnson Health and Safety/IT Manager for Bahamas Waste; Sandy Bastian Bahamas Waste Operations Assistant; All Saints Camp Assistant Administrator Kaylisha Forbes; Ernestine Seymour Bahamas Waste HR Manager and Rokendo Farrington, Bahamas Waste Facilities Maintenance Assistance

Tis’ the season of giving, and with the whirlwind that is the holiday season comes the opportunity to give back to the causes and organizations which continue to support and serve the most underserved demographics in our society. Bahamas Waste – the leading
waste management company in the country is once again leading the way in this regard, proving once and for all, that they do more than just take out the trash.

As has become a decades-long tradition, the company is capping the year with its annual donation to the All Saints Camp in New Providence as part of its ongoing effort to fight the global HIV/AIDS epidemic here on home soil. For persons living with HIV/AIDS in The Bahamas, the All Saint’s Camp has been a refuge housing men women, and children who for a variety of reasons have nowhere to turn to.

“Even in 2021 there are so many misconceptions about HIV/AIDS” explained All Saints Camp Assistant Administrator, Kayshala Forbes “that misinformation has meant that persons living with the disease continue to be ostracized and abandoned by our society and that is where we come in.”

The non-profit, which is not a government-funded facility, depends heavily on the kindness and dedication of its volunteers and even more
importantly the assistance of Corporate Bahamas to meet the needs of its more than 30 residents ranging in age from 21 to 68 years of age. Unfortunately, however, the hospice which provides food and shelter to its residents has seen donations plummet by as much as 70% due to challenges caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic.

“We have been working with the team at the All Saints Camp for more than 10 years” noted Bahamas Waste Human Resources Manager Ernestine Seymour. “It is a partnership that is near and dear to both the staff and management because we understand how important it is to end the stigmatization of persons living with the disease,” she explained.

As has become the norm, each staff member at the waste company is invited to donate food and toiletry items to the cause. That staff donation is then matched by Bahamas Waste and presented to the team at the All Saint’s Camp just in time for the holiday season. “We are particularly excited about this year’s donation because Covid-19 interrupted our donation efforts last year, so we’re happy to be getting back on track,” Seymour noted.

For the team at the All Saint’s Camp, the annual donation is an opportunity to meet the physical needs of its residents. “We are so grateful to be partnered with companies like Bahamas Waste,” Forbes said, “we do our best with the limited resources but we could be doing so much more which is why donations and partnerships like this are critical to our survival and the survival of our residents too.”

Though the end-of-year donation is often the highlight of the year for all involved, the relationship between Bahamas Waste and the hospice
exists year-round. “In addition to our annual donation, we provide medical waste disposal services, bulk, and solid waste removal services to the facility year- round” noted Bahamas Waste Operations Manager Ethelyn Davis. The move company executives note, is part of a wider campaign of support in the fight to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS; one which encompasses the company’s support of annual testing initiatives and educational programs as well.

“For us, our partnership with the All Saint’s Camp speaks to our commitment as a company to really make a significant impact in the
communities we serve. We’re leading by example and hope that even more corporate citizens will step up to the plate to not just raise
awareness but provide meaningful assistance.”