Attorney General Touts Features of Merchant Shipping Bill During Second Reading in the Senate

Senator the Hon. Ryan Pinder

NASSAU, The Bahamas – Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Hon. Ryan Pinder calls the Merchant Shipping Bill ‘rather technical,’ but one that will place the country at the forefront of the shipping industry.

During his contribution to the debate in the Senate on Monday, December 13, 2021 Mr. Pinder expressed his support for the bill and gave an overview of some aspects of it.

“As indicated, this is a rather technical bill, but one that is fundamental to the standing of The Bahamas internationally in merchant shipping and one that keeps us at the forefront of this important element of the Blue Economy,” he said. “The key will be for us to leverage legislation like this into more progressive policy advancements that will affect a wide cross section of Bahamians.”

The bill sets out several provisions including the registration of ships, matters relating to masters and seafarers, safety for life at sea and security, load lines, collision regulations and wrecks, inspections and enforcement, investigations of marine casualties or marine incidents, legal proceedings and maritime lines among other provisions.

“Although this appears to be a technical bill, it is much more than that,” he said. “The Bahamas is at the forefront of a worldwide industry. We punch for above our weight class in this regard. This legislation forms the basis for The Bahamas to expand upon its commitment to the Blue Economy and is a fundamental component of expanded opportunities for Bahamians in the maritime industry globally. We should be proud of the greatest little country in the world on the global shipping stage.”

The Attorney General ended his contribution by stating that he fully supports the Merchant Shipping Bill.

Source: Bahamas Information Services, By Betty Vedrine

(BIS Photo/Kemuel Stubbs)