Haitian Migrants Apprehended


Provided by Defence Force Public Relations Dept.

More than Fifty migrants and one deceased individual are on the way to Inagua, after they were discovered on a cay in the Southern Bahamas Thursday morning by the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.

During a routine patrol by a Defence Force aircraft shortly after 8:00 am, a group of migrants was spotted in the vicinity of Man-O-War Cay and Jumentos Cays. Defence Force sea-going assets were immediately deployed to the area to investigate.

Her Majesty’s Bahamian Ship ROLLY GRAY, under the command of Senior Lieutenant Ricardo McQueen, arrived in the area shortly before noon and discovered the Haitian migrants, along with one deceased individual. After the migrants were taken aboard the Defence Force craft, a thorough search of the cay ensued.

The migrants, who were mostly dehydrated, received medical attention from the RBDF medical personnel stationed in Ragged Island. Once in Inagua, they will be handed over to Immigration officials for further processing and repatriation.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force remains vigilant in defending the territorial integrity of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.