The Leader of the Opposition and Member of Parliament for Marco City, the Hon. Michael Pintard commended the CARIFTA athletes on Wednesday during a communication in the House of Assembly.

Pintard said, “the track team did exceptionally well forty six total medals inclusive, Madam Speaker, of more golds than we had certainly gotten the last time and of course an increase in both silver and bronze medals. Madam Speaker, we were especially proud of the new events, and I thought it was a wonderful touch to show the inclusiveness by having the special athletes participate in these games.”

The FNM Leader went further suggesting the establishment of an event organizing entity. He said, “Madam Speaker, the BAAA continue to demonstrate its capacity to organize along with the local organizing committee (LOC), which I hope that the Prime Minister would look at ways in which we are able to regulate and organize multiple LOCs. Cause I think it is the way forward for organizing events that ministry staffs are often stretched too thin to manage all of the moving parts when we put on these incredible international events. And we might look at a permanent secretariat or authority for organizing these events. We’ll be able to work out some of the kinks that may have emerged. But the kinks that emerged did not overshadow the brilliance of our athletic performances over this past weekend.”