The Minister of Immigration and National Insurance spoke in the House Of Assembly on Wednesday about proposed rate increase at the National Insurance Board (NIB).

The Hon. Alfred Sears told Parliamentarians, “I’ve made it very clear to the Board and the executive and the staff of NIB that we have to take certain measures so that as the increase of the contribution is announced we can also announce that we will increase the value.  We will increase the value by giving better customer service.  We will increase the value by enhancing the platform so that the work of the Board can be done more efficiently.  We will review the investment strategy so that there could be prudent investment of the funds to ensure as stewards of the fund that we guarantee that future generations would be secured.”

The Minister further explained that in addition to improved customers service there are plans to improve the claims department responsible for processing all short term benefit claims.  Sears also said that in this session of Parliament amendments to the NIB Act and regulations will be proposed.