The home of Janika Collie in Nassau Village was demolished this week after being destroyed by fire last Friday.

Collie says she and her daughter have lived in the house since the death of her father. Recounting what happened when the house caught fire she said, “I just leave from here to carry my baby by my mummy and I get the call my house burnin’ down and everything gone, everything. Documents, everything, clothes gone. I just thank God I wasn’t in the house, me and my baby wasn’t in there.”

Area Member of Parliament, the Hon. Jamal Strachan assisted Collie with the demolition of what remained of the home. He said, “one of the most difficult things is rebounding after that. The clean up effort so that when philanthropists and general do-gooders come they’re able to just get to work. So my effort today is simply to put her in a state of readiness so that when that philanthropy does come through she is prepared to receive it.”

Collie was appreciative of Strachan’s assistance saying she did not know where to start.