The Minister of Health and Wellness, the Hon. Dr. Michael Darville announced the renovation of the Bailey town public clinic while visiting the island.

He said, “for the residents of Bimini we have been working for the last three months and we have finalized the funding necessary to do major repairs at the clinic.”

The Minister further stated, “I was at Bimini in August last year and wee started the process but the weather or the hurricane or tropical depression that came through created some additional damage. And so we re-evaluated the contract to ensure that all the remedial work that is associated with the roof is included.”

Darville also spoke to the placement of medical technicians on the island. “That’s very important for us because one of the things that’s in our mandate is to ensure that we improve emergency medical situations on the ground so that our ground transportation can be as good as our air transportation. And finally in the position where our loved ones in the family island are not placed on back of trucks waiting for the air ambulance to arrive.”