With violent unrest and unstable governance currently underway in Haiti, The Bahamas is experiencing an increased influx of illegal migrants from that country. The latest landing was on the island of Andros.

Assistant Director of Immigration, Rudolph Ferguson spoke to ZNS News updating on capture efforts on Andros. “We have officers on the ground presently and those officers are doing what we call a full court press of the South Andros area. Presently we have in custody some thirty eight migrants, twenty nine male, nine female. It is our intent to bring them to the capital for further processing and ultimately we intend to have them repatriated.”

Minister of National Security, the Hon. Wayne Munroe visited the island of Inaqua on Wednesday where hundreds of Haitian migrants turned over to Bahamian officials by the US Coast Guard are being processed. The compound consists of tents housing the migrants by gender as well as a field hospital manned by nurses and doctors.