Bahamas Public Services Union President Kimsley Ferguson is appealing to the Minister of Health and Wellness to address ongoing issues at the Elizabeth Estates Clinic.

Ferguson told reporters, “we find that Dental Assistants are working and the sections are not functioning properly. The chairs are chairs that would have been there and they have deteriorated. We were assured by the Minister of Health that these things would be rectified. To date at Elizabeth Estates Clinic a chair was brought in, I think, from a family island to replace the old chair that was in place. It is still in the room that has been allotted for the Dentist at Elizabeth Estates and their still occupying the old room that they were occupying.”

The union president says that they have written the minister and there is still no update on the matter. He also said, “persons are very, very, very concerned that they’re working in these hazardous environments, they’re dealing with blood, they’re dealing with feces, they’re dealing with urine and no compensation for the same. All of the clinics are actually in the same position but I specifically addressed Elizabeth Estates because I visited that clinic to see for myself exactly what was going on.”

In response the Minister of Health and Wellness, the Hon. Dr. Michael Darville told ZNS News that he is awaiting information from negotiators.