Jubilee Day Sparks Independence Fever


The first annual Jubilee Day celebrations were held on May 5, sparking Independence fever that will continue on until Independence Day, July 10. This day was set aside for a national celebration that would honor the achievement of 50 years of Independence – the nation’s 50th Jubilee. It provided an opportunity for school children throughout the archipelago to participate meaningfully in an Independence celebration that occurred during the school year, as official Independence occurs during the summer holiday.

In addition to Jubilee Day celebrations at schools throughout the country, government and private corporate offices, businesses, churches and other organizations took part. Bahamian flag colors emblazoned buildings and office foyers, and Bahamian music was played. 

Jubilee Day festivities culminated with an all-evening celebration. A cultural village and concert took place at the parking lot adjacent to the Southern Recreation Grounds. There, a beautiful mural depicting national symbols – painted by school children, adorned the space. 

Jubilee Day – A Road to 50 Production told the story of Bahamian history from the very beginning. The concert highlighted the rich history and culture of The Bahamas, told through the lens of the arts: music, dance, a band, a choir, story telling, acting and singing.

Upcoming Road to 50 events include: a national Ecumenical Church Service at Evangelistic Temple on Sunday, May 21; Generation Next: Young Men’s Empowerment Seminar at Baha Mar on Monday, May 22; and the 50th on Bay Street Festival on Monday, May 29, the Whit Monday Holiday, from 2pm until.

Source: Felicity Darville

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