Local Government Elections Today


Nassau, Bahamas: Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Family Island Affairs Hon. Clay Sweeting is leading a delegation to a number of islands today for Local Government elections.

Over 600 candidates nominated on January 6. The Minister is expected to travel to Eleuthera, Abaco and Grand Bahama throughout the
day. He will be the first Minister responsible for Local Government who would be able to vote in the elections. He noted that excitement throughout the Family Islands has increased over the past several weeks.

“The excitement for Local Government elections are for numerous reasons. One being the large amount of candidates that have nominated with a mix of young people, women, business persons and experienced persons,” he said.

“People are interested in community development and the number of candidates nominated speaks to that. Communities seem to be excited and I share that excitement.”

There are 92 districts being contested around the country. Minister Sweeting said he was excited about the caliber of candidates.

“Nominated candidates are diverse but that is important because so is our country. We have a great mix of individuals who want to serve and be a part of the transformation and progressive agenda for Local Government,” he said.

The Minister added that he is hoping that all elected candidates will help to make life easier on the Family Islands.

“We must ensure that we continue to work along with government agencies to do that,” he said. “I also want to strengthen local councils so that they have a real vested interest in their communities and provide them with regulated revenue powers. This provides councils the ability to facilitate development which otherwise would be neglected.”

Minister Sweeting said in addition to voting in his home town of Spanish Wells, he felt compelled to visit Abaco and Grand Bahama that were ravaged by Hurricane Dorian.

“The residents of those islands have shown their resilience to rebuild and hopefully Local Government will play an intricate role in doing so. As a Minister, I want to show support to help them rebuild their communities as well,” he said.

Source: Bahamas Information Services

January 26, 2022